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Prefurbia: The Next Generation Neighborhood

There is a better way. LOTS. BETTER.

Rick Harrison Site Design Studio pioneering design methods reduce infrastructure a demonstrated average of 25% allow us to invent new ways to develop land and build homes. The result is more attractive neighborhoods that function better with greater connectivity, efficiency, space, and value.



Trasona of Viera, Florida is the NextGen Neighborhood that redefines suburban growth and how homes are designed. It’s 1,350 lots ‘Shapes’ are coordinated with the floor plan of every home to effectively widen every home allowing more interior layout efficiency while adding to the curb appeal of every house.  Every home living space and window is coordinated with space surrounding the home to increase value and livability.  Pedestrians are first, and that is the way Trasona was designed with the main trails assuring connectivity and then after they were set, the efficient street layout came afterwards.  The sculpted streetscape expands views along the street and into the park areas and ponding throughout the neighborhood.  Compared to the original site plan which contained 44,070 linear feet of street – our methods reduced the street to 27,263 – a massive 38% reduction while actually increasing density using the identical lot mix!  Sales?  This drone video was commissioned just one year after the sales office opened!

Tres Lagos AM Aerial PRINT-1.jpg

Tres Lagos is one of the largest Master Planned Developments in Southern Texas encompassing over 2,414 acres. The original submitted Master Plan had 13.9 miles of major internal collector streets bisecting the land and transitioning land uses in the typical transitional zoning.  We reduced the major collectors by five miles gaining almost 80 useable acres of land, but more important increasing flow of the main traffic and connectivity through the community.  The transitional land use was replaced with use that showcase the entrance as a very special place to live.  Instead of surrounding the main lakes with housing, at the entrance we created an open park system that showcases fronts of estate homes across the lake – that all important ‘wow’ factor that is a sustainable feature as the neighborhood of approximately 8,000 homes ages.  The unique meandering boulevard is not just for show – it’s meandering islands serve to identify main entrance points into residential or commercial pods and create safer vehicular and pedestrian crossings while maintaining flow of traffic.   Tres Lagos is home to Texas A&M University in McAllen Texas as well as being served by Idea Schools.  As Tres Lagos expands Rhodes Development embraces the very latest design methods as well as being trained in our LandMentor2020 system.

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