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Prefurbia - reinventing land development from disdainable to sustainable.  It is a conglomeration of planning techniques and technologies that finally advances land development by reducing monotony, and impervious surfaces all while increasing livability, walkability and values.




Coving was the first design innovation created by Rick Harrison. Coving is a design method in Prefurbia that increases space and 'scale' along the streetscape delivering a 'park-like' feel along home fronts. Coving was made possible by utilizing a more efficient street pattern than simplistic conventional suburban design.  Coving is defined by  the breaking of the parallel relationship of the house and curb, replacing the standard home setback pattern with one that sets each home along a fluid meandering line, creating an indent in the building setback - a cove. When done properly, coving results in a street length reduction of 20% to 30% while maintaining density and adhering to the existing regulatory minimums.



BayHomes represent a model for single family housing which utilizes townhome zoning.  The major differences between a 'detached townhome' and a BayHome is the placement of the home fronts along common space (instead of fronting a street) and the interior architecture is situated to blend the 'living space' with adjacent exterior 'open space'. By staggering the BayHomes we are able to create view corridors from inside the home even along the sides of the house. BayHomes are typically more afforable than conventional single family counterparts. A full USEABLE front porch and connective walk system encourage residents to enjoy the outdoors and foster neighborly interaction, as well as hiding vehicles in motor courtyards behind the BayHome.



When done properly, Multi Family housing can add to the character of the community instead of detract from it.  Design standards such as front porches over looking open spaces, rear loaded garages hiding vehicular elements from passing traffic, connective walks to encourage neighborly communication, and staggering of units to break up site lines and add view sheds from within the units. Thoughtful planning not only adds to the quality of life of the homeowners, but also to that of the entire community. 

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